Fighting for Georgia’s Middle Class

“It’s time we start putting people over politics and put the people of Georgia first. We’re working to preserve a strong economy that emphasizes opportunity, innovation, and fiscal responsibility; access to affordable healthcare in both cities and rural areas; and the right to vote securely for all eligible citizens.”
– Natalie Crawford, Executive Director of Georgia First

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Who We Are

Georgia First is a 501c4 organization committed to preserving and growing the strength and welfare of our state, her people, and our collective future. We are committed to advancing the lives of Georgians by advocating for strong fiscal policies that create a robust middle class, expanding healthcare access and affordability, and standing as a voice above the fray on issues of democracy and elections.

We take a sleeves-up approach in working with our state legislators on these issues – being present at the Capitol, weighing in as a resource, and speaking out as a voice of reason and accountability.

We Fight For:

  • A Strong Economy
  • More Access to Affordable Health Care
  • The Right to Easily and Safely Vote